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Online training platform that your employees will love

One simple step to start online learning

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Employee training - no problem

The platform allows you to build a training process for companies of all levels

Major companies

Interested in increasing the professionalism and engagement of their employees

To young, growing companies

Businesses that need to build a learning process quickly and inexpensively

Training professionals

Coaches and trainers engaged in education, training, and professional development of company employees


HR specialists, training specialists, methodologists involved in training within companies

To new employees

Quick and high quality induction of new employees to the company


Startup founders and CTOs to quickly build learning processes within the startup

Try it now, it's free

We give 30 days free subscription to new companies

By clicking the "Try for free" button, you agree to our privacy policy and the terms of the offer.


All information about courses, students, quality and quantity of training with the ability to integrate with internal company processes via API

Allows you to

See the effectiveness of the learning process and adapt the platform to the company's hydelines.
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Convenient and easy-to-use tool with a set of ready-made blocks and course templates

Allows you to

Easily create interactive courses with a high level of efficiency and flexible settings


Personalized employee section with calendar, library, and assigned courses

Allows you to

Instantly create an educational platform for every employee in your company


Own social network within the company

Allows you to

Increase employee engagement in the company, share stories and keep up to date with new developments

It's all ready to go. See for yourself

30 days free subscription to appreciate the system

By clicking the "Try for free" button, you agree to our privacy policy and the terms of the offer.

Create interactive courses

The simple and convenient "Editor" tool will allow even an untrained employee to create beautiful and effective courses

Analyze training effectiveness

The entire training process is in your face, with easy integration with internal company processes via APIs.

Manage divisions and employees

Scale your well-established processes to new departments in a few clicks.

Create a learning process

Build your unique learning process using industry best practices.

Security, easy scalability and cloud storage

All data created in the process with the platform is stored on servers using the RSA encryption standard. If you need more space on the platform or you decide to add a new department of employees we will expand the capabilities of the system in a matter of minutes.

Are you still thinking?
Just give it a try.

Teaching is easier than you think

By clicking the "Try for free" button, you agree to our privacy policy and the terms of the offer.

Any questions?

If in any doubt or something you do not understand, feel free to write to us in the chat - we'll be happy to answer and tell you all about it.

Is there a test period?

Yes there is free test period lasts 30 days from the moment of registration of the company.

What happens after the test period?

After the end of the test period, you will be able to choose a rate and form of payment, the rest of the platform functionality will be unavailable to you. If Science Stock doesn't suit you - nothing will happen, you won't have to pay for anything.

What does the cost of the platform depend on?

The cost of the platform depends on the chosen package, which differ from each other by the limitation on the number of users and the level of technical support, as well as the amount of available file storage. Read more about tariffs

How can I save money?

You can pay for one year access and get a 15% discount.

Is it possible to make payment by contract?

Yes, it is possible. Email us at

What happens after I make the payment?

After the payment is made, your site will be limited to the number of licenses according to the paid rate. All materials and users created during the test period will be saved, authorization data for all will remain the same.

We already use a different system, can you help with the move?

Yes, we can help you with moving. After registering, send us a chat or e-mail

Can I change the number of licenses after payment?

Yes, you can choose to pay more licenses at any time. You will be billed with the previously paid rate and recalculated.

Can multiple employees use the same license?

Any user's account is linked to the same email account, which receives automatic notifications while working with the platform. We recommend creating a separate account for each employee. This makes it more convenient to track the history of your courses and progress statistics.

Will you need help from our IT department to install Science Stock?

No. No one needs to be involved in Science Stock - the platform runs in your browser like a normal website. All you need is internet access.

Do you teach how to use the system?

In Science Stock, there are no unnecessary buttons and loaded interface. Usually it takes 30 minutes for Administrators to figure out how to work. If you need detailed advice - we are always happy to help in the technical support chat during our working hours: Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 19:00.

Do you provide support if we have questions while using Science Stock? And do we have to pay for it?

The cost of technical support is already included in the price of any tariff within the cloud version. We answer the support chat quickly Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 Moscow time. We also always accept questions at